Blue Storage Bench – It is better to set Marine theme to your guess room. Blue Ocean color will refresh you and your family mind every times the enjoy quality time inside it.  What you just need left? All of furniture should give a fill of sea properties.

Marine fill should be derived as Beach theme, seashore theme, or perhaps it could be a sailor and ship theme. So let take a note of the most popular property to turn your room to be sailor and ship theme.

Blue Storage Bench

Blue Storage Bench as the main property

The number one properties must be blue storage bench. Why does it be the first thing? A ship has a limited and small area room but all of cru has to bring everything they need in the sailing period, so Storage bench is the most match bench for this idea.

Blue Storage Bench increase the fill of marine by blue color and special for cyan color. It represents the color of ocean and beach. It also has a room beneath the pad to store much things in your guess room such a photo album, magazine, and guess room air conditioner remote. Of course, you do not need to put any wrenches, tools, or rum bottle inside it such a sailor do on the real sailing ship.

Throwable Device

Thowabel device actually dos not logger use in modern sailing safety system but it has a strong fill of navy. The most popular throwabel device should be in form of circle which is design for easy use by throw it into the water.

You just need to change the orange color to be blue or white color and apply a shot phrase such as “marine” or “the island” because we are not going to use it in emergency situation. Set it hang over your blue storage bench exactly.

Fishing instrument

It is hardly recommended to put any fishing instrument in the concept of sailing and ship theme guess room. No matter the ship are built for, Fishing always give effect of marine. The instrument may be a fishing rood, fishing net or a large size of Swordfish ornament.

Set only one instrument in your room and put it in front of Blue Storage Bench so your guess will directly see when the sit on it. You may also set in other viewable point on your wall when you have no more empty space on that point

The last recommendation is coloring your room with a navy color or cyan color. Cyan and blue light ocean colors are the main color and fill more than 80% of your wall. Do not forget to give a dark blue line in every corner of your room or you may paint your storage bench with the color of light blue.

For further information, you may check it online or consult to the home property consultant for every details advice and match instrument to make your room look like a captain cabin room.