DIY Mudroom Bench Plans – A bench with hook and storage for shoes is a perfect piece of furniture for our mudroom. Therefore, we need to learn the basic and perhaps DIY mudroom bench plans so we can create custom bench for our lovely entryway. The entryway is the face of any houses because we will visit this spot once we are home.

The guests can even get the very first impressions of our home appearance and tidiness through the look in the entry room. That is why we always need to place an ornament to give the entry room unique beauty. We can place a console table with some collectibles on top. The entry room is usually tiny and narrow. So, we have to place a big mirror above the console table.

Console table can provide better functions but the more important piece of furniture to place in the entry room is the bench with coat rack. We might have some hooks and coat organizer behind the door but a bench is way more recommended if we want comfort, beauty, and efficiency at the same time within one piece of furniture.

DIY Mudroom Bench Plans

Sometimes, we do not have to own a high carpentry if we want to get a custom furniture for our beloved home. We can ask a professional carpenter for producing the furniture for us. However, it is sometimes hard to obtain the right product with the right size if we only inform the requirements orally. We need to use pictures and plans.

It is easy now to find DIY mudroom bench plans thanks to the internet. The appearance of the coat rack bench may look simple, especially if we want to have the one with modern and minimalist appearance. However, the plans and the DIY explanation might be long. Here are the examples of the plans:

  1. The Basic Bench Plans

A bench with cubbies need detail plans because we do not want to make the cubes bend. The first thing that we need to do is to get the right measurement. The essential thing is to measure the space where we want to place the bench. Custom bench needs to look precise. Therefore, we have to use width dimension to fill the space. To draw the plans, we have to buy 2 sheets of 4×8 mdf ¾ wide. The paper should be 2 sheets for the base and the headboard. We will be able to get the plans samples through the online site for both the base and the board.

  1. Purchasing Task

After measuring the bench and draw the plans, we directly go shopping. We need to buy 2 0r 3 pine trim board with 8 inch length. Besides, we also need to buy 1 panel of laminated pine. For the edge, we will need ¾ trim piece of laminated pine. We need lattice board, wood glue, and semi gloss paint as well. We do not need to buy the tools if we already have a box of them. But we need to get nail gun, primer, wood fill, and basket.

DIY Mudroom Bench Plans