Best Bathroom Storage Bench – What do you expect form small area of Bathroom to store all of your Shampoo, Soap, Conditioner, Tooth burst and lotion but Bathroom Storage Bench? Bathroom Storage Bench helps you to maximize your small bathroom to store all of your toiletries and also allow you a comfortable place to sit.

The main idea to choose a Bathroom Storage Bench is pretending the bench color respect to your bathroom concept and theme. Choosing a bright color such as white, pink, bright grey and bright yellow will give you a roomy fill to your bathroom. This fill will make you spend much time in your bathroom to enjoy self-relaxation.

Choose a Bathroom Storage Bench

Inverse to this advice, choosing dark color will give a stuffy fill but it is useful advice to help you to adorn a large open bathroom. Dark color gives a strong fill but you have to careful to choose it.

Considering your bathroom dominant color and choose the darker one of those color. You only need one dark color for your Bathroom Storage Bench and avoid choosing black color no matter how love you to this color.

The second advice in choosing Bathroom Storage Bench is the size and dimension. The suit dimension of Storage Bench in Bathroom is not larger than 50 cm x 60 cm or your bench will fill almost of your room area. This size also make you enjoy to have sit on it and enjoy self-relaxation by your soap aroma therapy.

Best Bathroom Storage Bench for Your

Another aspect bench dimension is the Bench Tall. Best Bathroom Storage must have at least 20 cm of high and les then 40 cm of high. This is for allowing a space to store your bathing things such as shampoo bottle, soap bottle or a dry towel in it.  Over high Bench is not comfort for you to sit on it because your leg will be hanging and absolutely, this is not good.

The third advice for choosing Bathroom Storage Bench is the bench cushions. Fabric cushions should be made of fiber or synthetics fabrics which are durable due to water corrosive effect.

Choosing Bathroom Storage Bench

The cushion bench should also soft and comfortable for your ass whatever the water condition in your bathroom. Choose a soft grid fabric also help you to reduce the friction between your ass and the cushion. This is also helping you to reduce the possibility of skin allergy so you may have a long time to sit on it.

The last advice is considering the bench raw and materials. Avoid choosing metal material bench due to the metal characteristic which is easy to rusty especially to high humidity condition.

Water also increases the speed of color change to the metal material bench so it will reduce your bathroom esthetic aspect. The other reason why you should not choose metal material bench is because of high cost maintenance.

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Metal also a good electrical conductor so it is produce a high risk of electrical shock for electrical bathroom system such as water heater system and electrical plug terminal.