Entry Way Benches with Storage

Benchholic.com – Of so many types of storage furniture in our interior and exterior, benches are always the best ones. We can use drawers as storage. It is functional to store small clothing accessories and underwear as well. Ties, scarf, headpiece, socks, and stockings will be stored well in our drawers. Besides, we can use a bed with storage underneath for storing some stuff such as books, magazines, and toys.

Additionally, bookcase and cabinets can provide good storage for our home library. But when it is for the entryway, a bench is always the best idea. Entry way benches with storage are stunning ideas for making the entryway more functional and comfortable at the same time.

There are at least three types of storage furniture that we can place in the entryway:

Console table

Console table is useful in terms that we can place some ornaments on top of the table. We can decorate the table some family pictures and vase with natural flowers so we can get some refreshment effect right from the entryway. Besides, we can hang a big mirror above the console table just for providing a good facility for us to recheck our attire for all important days; everyday. Besides, we can store some things under the console table. But then, the console table cannot accommodate coats and other clothing storage.

console table with storage

Umbrella Stands

During rainy seasons, to bring umbrella is a must. We do not want to get trapped on air even when we drive our car for work or college. It is impossible for us to leave our umbrella outside. For those who are living in an apartment, it is even harder to leave umbrella outside. We will need to have umbrella stands in the entryway. When we do not need the umbrella as the rainy season over, we can still keep the umbrella safely stored in the umbrella storage.

Storage Bench With Umbrella Stands

Entry way benches with storage

Normally, benches are functioned for sitting only but for the entryway, it can function way better than just a seating facility. We can use for storing shoes. Besides, the benches can also have a board to hang coats, scarf, and others. Benches are also great for us to take a rest and putting off our boots. And we can add some hooks and small drawers for small supplies.

Entry Way Benches with Storage

The small hooks are functional to hang some keys. We will not lose our keys anymore since we can directly hang the keys on the hooks. Besides providing functions as storage and comfort, this bench storage is also beautiful and unique. It can be so much pretty for highlighting the style that we build.

If we cannot find the bench that meets our interior design, we can make the bench with custom size and designs. We can both order the custom Entry way benches with storage at a professional carpenter or build it with DIY plan. Benches with storage and custom designs will look perfect for our entryway.