Rustic Entryway Bench with Storage – Among all home styles and designs, rustic styles steal the attention of people in all over the world. Not only people who are living in European countries but also people who are living in Asia started to fall for this style.

This is the style is precious among others because of the high class art. In the USA, rustic designs are always related to country styles and farmhouse designs. In European countries, rustic designs are always admirable with the artistic elements inside.

For Asian countries, rustic styles are a little harder to apply because they have no keen relations to both European rustic and American country’s styles. However, rustic styles in Asian countries can still look stunning with ethnic decorations combinations.

Besides, oriental styles have their own rustic style that is pretty in a simple way. Rustic home designs will look special as we include rustic furniture. We have to start from the front yard to the garden since rustic design should root from the very detail element.

We need to start from the rustic entryway bench with storage for giving the clue of rustic designs in our interior and exterior.

What can we place in the entryway? An entryway is the area where we take a rest before leaving for our bedroom. Therefore, this area should have a bench for us to sit on while putting off our shoes and socks. We need to also place a decorative element in this area. Instead of a console table, we will need to use rustic bench. It is cool to have the bench with storage to obtain the excellent functions and beauty at the same time.

Rustic Entryway Bench with Storage

Rustic entryway bench with storage is usually designed with narrow seat. It has a backboard with hooks to hang our coats and hats. The storage space under the bench will be so much functional to store stuff.

We can even place a blanket inside the storage. We have to be in detail when it is for a rustic bench. For instance, we have to choose the bench with some drawers of rustic handles. The handles are normally made of metal such as bronze. The shiny detail in the dark wooden bench will create a unique rustic look.

To make the entryway more appealing with its rustic theme, we need to also include lighting fixtures with flawless illumination. As the sun falls, we will be able to feel the homey mood in the entryway with classis lighting. The illumination should not be too bright. We need to set a warm atmosphere with orange or yellow illumination.

Rustic entryway bench with storage accessories

Rustic Entryway Bench with Storage

It will not be perfect to let the entryway bench plain without any accessories. Indeed we have to keep its original look. Besides, simple is often more. However, we still need to create rustic decoration around the bench. One way to make it more appealing is to place a wreath on the back of the bench. We need to use natural element such as tree branches and leaves to make the wreath.