Extra long bench cushion

Benchholic.com – Extra long bench cushion is exclusive furniture that we can have to make our interior appealing and inviting at the same time. A long bench cushion is enough but if we have extra space, the extra length will be recommended. Here are some spots where we can place this piece of furniture:

Home Library

Are you dealing with a home library project? It will be great to have an extra long bench cushion to make it luxurious as well as comfortable. In a home library, we need to enjoy comfortable furniture to support our reading activities. For instance, we need to have a book case.

If our collections are too many, we can simply use a table to place some books that we love to read. Besides, book shelves are also recommended. In addition, we need to have arm chairs and benches.

It is good to place the benches under a big window. It is romantic and comfortable to sit under a window and read a good book. In case we create a home library in a quite large space, we can place extra long bench cushion to provide excellent comfort.

Library Extra Long Bench Cushion

Living Room

Extra long bench with cushion cover is also wonderful to place in a living room. We have long known that a living room with high windows will look stunning as we pick long and curved bench instead of a set of sofa. The draping curtains that cover the windows will look charming to complement the curved benches.

Living Room Extra Long Bench Cushion

Is it possible to have this bench for our bedroom?

For a bedroom, this long bench is not too recommended. This is so, because we do not usually invite so many people to sit down together in a bedroom. In addition, our bedroom needs extra space for other furniture. In a small bedroom, long bedroom will consume much space which is disturbing instead of decorating.

Bedroom Extra Long Bench Cushion


We might think that it is bad idea to place cushioned furniture in our porch. A porch is included in the outdoor space that will be exposed to bad weather and also open air. This will make the cushion dirty and damaged in the long run. However, that is not true because we can now find cushion furniture that is made of high quality fabric that performs well in the outdoor space.

Porch Extra Long Bench Cushion

Therefore, to place an Extra Long Bench Cushion in the porch is a good idea. However, we need to be sure that the space is sufficient to accommodate the extra length. It will be stunning to have the functional bench on the porch so we can get extra seating facility once we throw an outdoor party.

The extra long bench should have a good size to create a good balance and proper dimension to a room. We cannot simply buy a long bench only because of the fancy look. We need to make sure whether the size and look fits our interior space. We have to draw a sketch, do some research, and measure the size precisely before applying this stunning furniture.