Replacement Wood Slats for Cast Iron Bench – Joining a group on shabby and chic home décor makes so dizzy sometimes because not all of the members utter the right pattern on this very idea. Yet, we can still find some ideas for Replacement Wood Slats for Cast Iron Bench.

The shabby and chic style is popular and one of the most stunning home design which brings the essence of a real home. The classic and old look of the ornaments and styles seem flawless though modern life might serve new trends to follow.

The vintage ideas are still beautiful to apply in this modern and contemporary life. However, what bothers me so much is that some members have weak points on that very style. Some people do not understand that there should lay a chic inside the shabby ornaments. Besides, there are some fashions and art rules to include this shabby and chic concept.

That makes me realize that to comprehend a style, we have to be mature. Not only the items should look old and unique but also the mentality of the homeowners should be mature in decorating with this idea.

The same things occur when we pick the old furniture for complementing the style. We need to choose old furniture but we should never let it look ugly and too dirty. We have to replace some of the features when we see the damages.

Replacement Wood Slats for Cast Iron Bench

A garden bench is often made of the combination of iron and woods. By the exposure of weather changes and anything, the wooden parts might decay and needs some replacement while the iron parts can still be relooked with new paints. The spirit of remodeling is applicable in the shabby and chic style. Therefore, we need to do the DIY replacement wood slats for cast iron bench. We will make the old bench beautiful once more with the wood slats replacement project.

Since the project requires tough procedures of removing the iron and unscrewing the wood slats, we might want to use an assistant and proper tool. For those are new to DIY projects, this idea might be too big and risky. But for the experienced crafter and DIY project makers, it can be simple. The steps are scattered around the internet. We will be able to preserve the old bench with the methods.

Replacement Wood Slats for Cast Iron Bench


If we treasure our old bench more than the one displayed in the stores, the repair will be worth it. DIY replacement wood slats for cast iron bench will make the bench new and keep the memories with the bench. We can actually keep the bench beautiful by giving a proper maintenance. Besides, we can keep it indoor during some seasons so the materials will not be easily decayed or damaged.

When dealing with the replacement wood slats for cast iron bench, we have to measure the size of the wood slats so we can restore the beauty of the bench. The cost will be less than the new bench in the market, plus we can still keep our sweet memories with the lovely bench.